2021-2022 Basketball Schedule Posters

Important Notes

  • Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery
  • NOTE: MBB and WBB Posters are sold in packs of five. Corporate Posters are sold in packs of 250.
  • All sport schedule posters are 18" x 24"
  • Checks cannot be accepted for payment.
  • All schedule poster requests are handled and fulfilled by HardingPoorman. For questions or any issues with your poster order, please contact storefronts@hardingpoorman.com
  • Due to the high popularity of our schedule posters, we ask any emails regarding your status of your request to be after the initial four week period of your order. We thank all Hoosier fans for your support!

What is NIL?

Student-athletes are now taking advantage of opportunities using their names, images and likenesses. They are working with businesses across industries and staff on campuses as NIL opportunities are exploring unchartered territory in college sports. This is an important change that improves the student-athlete experience. The national office and member schools and conferences will continue working with Congress to develop a clear solution that works for the entire country. Our athletes deserve more clarity than the current system allows, with so many state laws that take different approaches to NIL.